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Kell Brook: Amir Khan won’t fight because he couldn’t live with himself if he lost to me

Kell Brook believes Amir Khan is avoiding their £12million showdown because he couldn’t live with himself if he lost.
Khan has been offered the lion’s share of the purse in a bid to coax him into a fight at Wembley on June 4.
But Brook, who referred to his rival as ‘the kid from Bolton’ throughout Monday’s press conference, is prepared to move on to other targets after talks stalled.

‘He’s got no respect for me, that’s what makes me want to punch him in the face even harder,’ he said.
‘I’m the champion of the world, never been beaten, so for him to dictate to us makes me laugh.
‘It’s been going on for many, many years but everyone wants to see that fight.
‘I want to be in massive fights and there’s nothing that would give me the buzz more than putting that kid from Bolton on his a***.

‘It would kill him, losing to me. When he was chasing [Manny] Pacquiao or [Floyd] Mayweather he half knew he would get beat but he could come back here and live with it.
‘I don’t think he could live with [losing to me] having slagged me off for so many years.
‘I’m looking forward to a massive fight this summer. If we can’t get the kid from Bolton then I’d like to do a unification with Danny Garcia, the guy who knocked the kid out.
‘If not, the Porter-Thurman winner or we can do the Pacquiao-Bradley winner or even get Mayweather to come out of retirement.’

Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn, meanwhile, admitted he is losing hope of making the fight this summer.
‘It appears to be further away than ever,’ he said. ‘I don’t feel we can do a lot more than we’ve done already.
‘Amir Khan is a fantastic fighter, he’s achieved so much. Already we’ve come to the table time and time again to give him the better part of the deal.

‘But we’ve been told we’re miles away from their perceived value so we have to say we’re miles away from having interest in making that fight.
‘Amir Khan does not want to lose to Kell Brook but you can’t force a man to fight.’
Brook will make the third defence of his IBF welterweight title against mandatory challenger Kevin Bizier in Sheffield on March 26.
‘We’re well ahead of schedule. I can’t wait to get back in and defend this world title in Sheffield,’ he added.
‘Bizier is coming to challenge for the world title. This is his chance, I know the feeling and he’s going to be bringing everything he’s got win this title.’

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