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Carl Froch thinks Kell Brook can replace Floyd Mayweather as the world’s best welterweight

Carl Froch wants Kell Brook to gather momentum, take on the best and prove he is the world’s No 1 welterweight…

Now Floyd Mayweather has retired, I think Kell Brook is the best welterweight in the world.

I honestly think he can beat anyone that Floyd did before he called it a day.

I am not saying he is as good as Mayweather because no one can dispute Floyd’s greatness, but look down that welterweight list – Kell is good enough to beat any of them.

People always say Mayweather picked his times perfectly, but even if he did, look down his record and I can’t see anyone Kell couldn’t beat – now or back then.

Brook is the heir to the welterweight throne and can be the best in the world. There is no reason he can’t take over, but there is a big ‘if’ as well.

The one thing he needs to do is start getting these big fights – not just his mandatory challenges – and he needs to keep active, get some momentum going.

He has had too many setbacks and needs to get going. Of course that stabbing after winning the world title didn’t help, nor did that rib injury that stopped him fighting against Diego Chaves at the end of last year.

This is his third mandatory and it is not going to be easy against Kevin Bizier but he has to put all this to bed, these injuries and these mandatories.

The one thing he needs is a big, defining fight, then we will see just how good he is.

The welterweight division is one of the deepest around, he is the IBF world champion, so he has to be champing at the bit to take on the best, and take over from Mayweather.

Brook is sharp, fast, hits hard and when he’s on his A-game, he really is a formidable force. He is such an exciting fighter, he could beat anyone.

You never take the mandatory lightly but I want to see Brook come through this at his best and hopefully, get that big fight this year.

Maybe it’s time to forget about Amir Khan and move on. You can talk to and about anyone in your division without a problem, but as frustrating as it has been, that Canelo fight keeps him out of the loop for now.

Brook is the IBF champion, so I want to see him take on another of the world champions. Danny Garcia? Keith Thurman? Jessie Vargas? It doesn’t matter to me, these are the sort of fights we want, what Kell needs and ones I think he will win.

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  1. Froch is wrong many, many people can dispute Mayweather’s so-called greatness. Thomas Hauser found out that Floyd had an illegal relationship with the USADA and they had covered up at least 3 drug failures. Floyd also used illegal forms of rehydration to cover up his further drug taking. How can I/we know it’s true? Mayweather didn’t sue, he retired instead, that’s how.

    As for Kell, he simply has to do what he promised after the Porter fight, and fight only big names from now on. Fight fans are fickle, they’ll soon forget their frustration with the Jo Jo Dan, Gavin & Bizier fights if Kell fights Garcia followed by Thurman for example. The other thing Kell has to do seems to be much harder for him: stop talking about Amir Khan!
    It really makes Kell sound desperate, and as the fight won’t happen until Kell realizes that Khan’s the A-side (even though he’s the champ), why does Amir’s name need to crop up?

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