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Kell Brook vows to take out frustration on Kevin Bizier

Kell Brook makes the third defence of his IBF world welterweight title against Canada’s Bizier (25-2-KO17) in Sheffield – live on Sky Sports 1 – and is confident of not only shrugging off Khan’s decision to take on Saul Alvarez but of using it as inspiration.

Brook told Sky Sports: “It doesn’t make any difference to my training. I’m not interested. That’s his fight and I’m concentrating on mine.

“It’s frustrating because I want those big fights now and it’s frustrating I have to get a mandatory out of the way. It is what it is and I’ll deal with Bizier on March 26 and move on. I’m looking for a big fight this summer.

“I channel it all. You’ve got to be careful how you approach a fight. You’ve can’t go in with anger or anything else. I’m going to go in there and enjoy myself because I’ve done my hard work in the gym. It’s about having fun on the night.

“I’m not looking for a stoppage. I won’t force it. I think it’ll come to me. When I see the right shot and the right opportunity to take him out, then I will.”

Sky Sports pundit Johnny Nelson recently expressed concern the long-running saga with Khan may see Brook lose focus ahead of facing his mandatory challenger.

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