Kell Brook

Kell Brook says life has improved since knife attack hell: ‘When you’ve looked death in the face, you’re not afraid of any man in the ring’

When Kell Brook’s trainer suggested that a dot in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa would be the ideal retreat for his world welterweight champion from the distractions of Sheffield, the proximity to Tenerife never occurred to either of them.
Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, is just 150 miles from the resort where Brook was almost hacked to death by a machete-wielding assailant.
In the comparative tranquility of this small Spanish colonial haven for sun-seeking British holidaymakers that attack is a distant memory for the boxer known as Special K.

Kell Brook

Of the decision by Dominic Ingle – son and heir to father Brendan’s fabled gym in Sheffield where Prince Naseem Hamed was groomed for greatness – to set up sweat-shop out here, Brook says: ‘That night in Tenerife rarely enters my head now.’
Other, that is, than when he recalls how it changed his life for the better.

Kell Brook

As he finalises his spartan preparations to defend the IBF welterweight title in his home Steel City this Saturday night, Brook is living, healthy, glowing proof that good can come out of evil.
Just as well since the American challenger, Errol Spence Jnr, is such a hot knock-out property that he has been studiously avoided by most of the other stars in this division.

Brook attributes the glistening 12-pack condition in which he goes into this fight to the near-Damascene conversion he experienced in the summer of 2014.
Of the wide, deep, sinew-severing gash inflicted to his left thigh he says: ‘When I looked down and saw the blood gushing out I knew I could die. Or maybe never walk, let alone fight again.’
Did the stabbing have a lasting effect on his life and his boxing?
‘Absolutely it did,’ he says. ‘When I came out of hospital and heard running water and the birds singing I realised I’d been taking things like that for granted. When I get tired after a hard day’s training I take that now as better than being close to death.
‘Tenerife is just across the water but now I have so much good going on in my life – my family, my partner Lindsey and our daughters, my training, my career – that I have closed the book on that and opened a new chapter in my life. I’m happy where I am today.’

Kell Brook

This renewed dedication to the rigours of the hardest game, at 31, may not be the best of news for Spence, even though the American is four years younger and comes to Sheffield undefeated and having KO’d 18 of his first 21 opponents.
Brook hesitated about submitting yet again to the rigours of draining down to welterweight even though his one venture to middleweight ended in his only defeat as the great Gennady Golovkin shattered his eye socket en route to a fourth-round stoppage.
Team Ingle convinced him it would be less arduous in a faraway camp along with not only a recharging of ambition but also a scientific training and diet regime.
So it has proved. Where boxers used to be able to talk us through their eating habits before a big fight, Brook reports: ‘My meals change according to the different things I do each day, like running or sparring or working the pads or cycling or lifting weights.
‘I wouldn’t say it’s easy because I’m big for a welterweight and they still have to be ready for my mood swings. But I don’t become Mr Grumpy any more. Not even on the days when I am fasting and having to run on an empty stomach.’

Kell Brook

It helps that the modern methods give him the chance of an occasional slap-up treat, like the freshly caught whole sea-bass he was pictured savouring the other day at a beach-front restaurant.
The result is a high-toned fighting man who is powerfully muscled yet slender and fast and a picture of vibrant well-being. He says: ‘I know it’s working because I don’t just look in the mirror and think I look good. More importantly I feel terrific inside.’
Brook knows that the remoteness of this location – 75 miles from a sparsely-inhabited stretch of North African shore – also plays its part.
The ‘distractions’ of Sheffield include not only the day-to-day demands of fatherhood but the call of friends, the clamour of fans and the nights out.
He says: ‘Lindsey is a great mother but there are times when she has to get her nails done or whatever and I do the school runs. I love time like that with the family but that doesn’t fit with preparing for a world title fight. Then my pals are around and I have people coming at me in nightclubs.’

Kell Brook

In tiny Fuerteventura those nights on the town have been replaced by scuba diving and crazy golf: ‘Real crazy for me. Even at this version of the game I end up in the trees.’
Doesn’t he miss the high life?
Brook says: ‘Before it would have bothered me even more than I’ve been away for both Lindsey’s and my birthdays. Now I’m happy, chilled, patient and can wait for us to go out for a big celebration after I beat Spence.
‘I know that will be a tough task. Spence is young and hungry and powerful, like I was when I went to America to challenge Shawn Porter and upset the odds to win the world title.
‘He’s looked five-star beating everyone they’ve put in front of him. But he’s facing me now. He will have to question himself now he’s in with an elite fighter, taking on the champion who has never lost at welterweight, who is big, strong, full of energy and fighting at home.’

Kell Brook

Matured, also, might he add?
‘I think so,’ he answers. ‘I do think I’m a better fighter now I’ve calmed down a bit.’
So much better that he would readily take a rematch with Golovkin.
‘People think I’m mad when I say that about such a huge puncher who did such damage to my eye,’ he says. ‘But I was going well up to that big shot.’
Not only that. He adds: ‘Boxing is sport, not war. When you’ve looked death in the face you’re not afraid of any man in the ring.’

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Brook vs Spence Jr: Investigation into Kell Brook’s weight cut back to welterweight

Kell Brook is in the final stages of his most demanding weight cut to date. Sky Sports investigated keto diets, burning calories and cheat meals…

Nutrition expert Greg Marriott, the mastermind behind Brook’s weight cut to defend his IBF belt against Errol Spence Jr live on Sky Sports Box Office next weekend, exclusively explained the secrets of how to beat the scales.

How did the camp start?

Kell came out to Fuerteventura before the 10-week camp to get into a routine. He does two weeks without me so his weight doesn’t look so bad! He weighed 12st 5lbs. His body is just so dense.

After having 10 months out, we always knew he could get back to welterweight – but how long would it take, and how hard would it be?

What was Brook’s diet like?

It’s very personal working with an athlete – you can’t just get a uni degree and give them a textbook diet. You need to make sure he’s feeling good, mentally and physically.

First, we put him on a strictly-controlled keto diet for a couple of weeks which burns fat. Then, at Sheffield Hallam University, we test his blood to see how many carbs he’s using. Then he goes on a low-carbohydrate high-protein diet.

How difficult is it?

It’s all about recovery. I can see when Kell is tired as his carbohydrates drop – you need to realise when that is, because otherwise it might take days to recover. Then training won’t be as good, and he might burn muscle.

What’s on the menu every day?

If he spars in the morning, he’ll wake up at 7am and eat slow-release carbohydrates like a bowl of simple oats. An hour before he spars at 10am he has a fast-release carbohydrate like white bread with jam or honey. That gives him the boost that he needs. After sparring he’ll have a recovery shake.

Two hours later we feed him again – lean beef, or chicken with loads of beef. In the evening he’ll have a low-glycemic carbohydrate like sweet potato with lean fish. Salmon is very calorie dense – you can’t just cut, cut, cut weight. He doesn’t eat rabbit food.

How much discipline is required?

Six weeks out, he knocks on my door saying: ‘I’m hungry!’ It’s intense because I need to mentally satisfy him and keep him satiated, but there is a weight he needs to hit. Three weeks before the fight, he switches on.

Does Brook lift weights in the gym when cutting weight?

Kell is a perfect mesomorph. If he looks at a weight he’ll put muscle on, he finds it easy. In this camp, he’s done circuit training. This camp has been drastically different to the Golovkin fight.

Does he sneak a cheat meal?

Kell is having a cheat meal on Friday, May 19, which he’ll show everyone on Twitter! I promised that if he stuck to the plan, which he has, and if his weight was absolutely perfect he could have a cheat meal.

How long can Brook keep making welterweight?

If he stays at the weight, without going up between fights as he’s adamant that he won’t, he can do it two more times. He’s definitely going to have one more at welterweight. There will be a point when he has to move up, and I believe that will be in the next 18 months.

Kell Brook and Errol Spence eye to eye at Bramall Lane - with Keith Thurman on the look-out too

Kell Brook and Errol Spence eye to eye at Bramall Lane – with Keith Thurman on the look-out too

Sheffield’s Kell Brook and American contender Errol Spence Junior’s match up at Bramall Lane on May 27 may attract a special visitor from the other side of the pond.

WBA and WBC champion Keith Thurman says he may fly over to witness the IBF welterweight bout, with an eye on facing the winner.

That would be music to Brook’s ears, who has previously said he wants to face off with Thurman.

Today Brook and Spence were meeting at a press conference at Sheffield United’s ground to formally confirm their fight is on.

Thurman wants the American to win – but was highly complimentary about the South Yorkshireman.

“Spence is an undefeated welterweight coming up through the welterweight rankings, calling out everybody and waiting for an opportunity like the one he has been granted” he said.

“He’s eager to showcase his skill and his talent to the world and bring the belt back home to the US,” Thurman told On The Ropes Boxing Radio.

“Kell Brook has never ducked or dodged anybody, I don’t think he’s fought a lot of tremendous fighters ranked in the top ten in the welterweight division, but he did move up two weight classes and he got beat by Golovkin.

“That shows you that he has no fear and he’s willing to fight anybody and he’s willing to fight the best in the world and because the only blemish on his record is to Golovkin, at the end of the day, Kell Brook is still an undefeated welterweight.

“In my opinion, we are still watching two undefeated welterweights, even though one has a blemish on his record.

“They both have a lot to prove and it’s going to be a big platform for them to prove it on. I believe it’s Errol Spence’s toughest fight to date.

“Kell Brook does have good boxing experience, he knows how to hold his own in there, he has good defence, he has good size as a welterweight.

“It’s an intriguing match-up and I’m interested in seeing the outcome myself, I may even fly out there to be a spectator.”

Spence, a London 2012 Olympian, is confident he can win on foreign soil.

“I know I can beat Kell Brook. It won’t be easy but I am the No 1 challenger and have worked my way into that position. It is not a mistake” he said.

Kell Brook to defend welterweight title against Errol Spence Jr at Bramall Lane

Kell Brook to defend welterweight title against Errol Spence Jr at Bramall Lane

IBF world welterweight champion Kell Brook will defend his title against American Errol Spence Jr at Bramall Lane in Sheffield on Saturday 27 May.

Brook, 30, has not fought since he was defeated by middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin in September – his first professional defeat in 37 fights.

Brook claimed the IBF belt beating Shawn Porter in August 2014 and will be aiming for his fourth title defence.

“I’m so excited about this fight and to make history in my city,” said Brook.

“It’s long been a dream of mine to fight outdoors at Bramall Lane and I’m pleased to do that in the biggest fight in the welterweight division.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is to give the fans the fights they want and they have it right here on May 27.

“I’m going to show the world that I’m the best welterweight on the planet and I’m going to do it right before my people’s eyes.”

After jumping up two weight divisions to face Golovkin, Sheffield United fan Brook has elected to return to welterweight and face mandatory challenger Spence, 27.

American Spence, unbeaten in 21 professional bouts with 18 knockout victories, said: “I’m happy I’m finally getting an opportunity to accomplish a lifelong dream of becoming a World champion.

“This is one of the best and biggest fights in world boxing and I am 100% focused and determined to bring the belt back home to the USA.

Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn called it “one of the best fights in world boxing”.

He added: “It’s ‘The Special One’ vs ‘The Truth’, a historic event at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane – we are planning an unforgettable night.”

Kell Brook: I Look Forward To Taking Care of Errol Spence!

IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) is very confident that he will retain his belt when he finally steps in the ring with mandatory challenger Errol Spence (21-0, 18 KOs).

The fight is being targeted for May 27 or June 3 in the champion’s hometown of Sheffield.

The fight will be Brook’s first since suffering his first loss last September at the O2 Arena in London. Brook  moved up by two weight divisions to challenge WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and suffered a fifth round TKO defeat.

Brook feels Spence is taking a huge step up in class and never faced anyone even close to the A-level of the division.

“I don’t believe he’s fought anyone on my level yet and I’m looking forward to taking care of him in my own backyard. I believe we’ll both bring the best out of each other,” Brook told Nick Parkinson.

“They think he’s going to be the next big star of American boxing but he’s fighting me who’s a world champion who has belief that no man can beat him. It’s a massive step up for him.”

Before the deal was finalized, Brook was being strongly advised by his handlers to drop his IBF title and move up to junior middleweight – where he would be physically more comfortable. Brook, who captured the IBF belt in 2014 with a close points win over Shawn Porter, refused to give up his world title.

“People around me advised me to move up but I’m a stubborn man. It took me a long time to win that world title belt and I’m not going to just give it up,” Brook said.

“It’s going to be a struggle to get down to welterweight limit and I will find it hard but I’m too stubborn just to give it up and there are some big fights out there at welterweight.” – See more at:–114321#sthash.XUZcVKZA.dpuf


Eddie Hearn says Kell Brook's IBF title defence against Errol Spence Jr is more risky than Amir Khan fight

Eddie Hearn says Kell Brook’s IBF title defence against Errol Spence Jr is more risky than Amir Khan fight

Kell Brook’s IBF title defence against Errol Spence Jr is far more dangerous than a British battle with Amir Khan, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

IBF champion Brook has agreed to make the next defence of his IBF title against mandatory challenger Spence Jr, with Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane ground being considered as a venue on a preferred date of May 27.

‘The Special One’ switched his attention to Spence Jr after talks for a long awaited domestic clash with Khan broke down and Hearn insists the unbeaten American is “five times tougher”.

“The Amir Khan fight was there on a plate,” Hearn told Sky Sports News HQ. “Let me tell you, this fight is five times tougher than Amir Khan, and this isn’t really about the money for Kell Brook.

“He has been called out that he would duck this fight against Errol Spence, particularly by Amir Khan, and he says no, that’s not my style, I’m fighting Errol Spence in front of my people. I’m going to defend my belt with pride and honour.”

Khan had claimed he could still face Brook, if he defeats Spence Jr, but Hearn insists his fighter’s career has been stalled too much already by talk of the British battle.

“I think at Kell’s age in his career, he’s really in his prime now, we cannot wait around for time wasters,” said Hearn.

“Amir Khan has talked and talked and talked. He’s tried to make a deal and priced himself out of the fight, because he doesn’t want to lose to Kell Brook.

“Khan is a very good fighter, but he knows he will get beaten by Brook and when he gets knocked out by Brook that’s the end of it. We have been waiting a long time for this fight and we can’t base our career around him.

“I believe and Kell believes that beating Spence will make him stand out as the No 1 fighter in the division, and then I still don’t think Amir Khan will want it, because something in his head does not want to enter the ring with Kell Brook. We have to move on and we must not deal with time wasters.”

Spence Jr holds an impressive unbeaten record, but could be forced to challenge the champion at his hometown football club.

Hearn said: “Now we are finalising the date and the venue. Bramall Lane is of course the preferred option, we’re in talks with the club, and we think we’ll get a positive solution.

“I think May 27 at the moment is the favourite date and over the next few days we’ll be meeting with the club, and also the council as well to try and get this dream fight booked in for Kell. It’s a dream of his to box at Bramall Lane and I think this is the perfect fight to do it.”

kell brook

Kell Brook: He’s completely in cuckoo land, that kid.”

Kell Brook remains willing to reach an agreement with Amir Khan, but has accused his British rival of delaying the domestic clash with “extreme” demands.

Negotiations for the Brook-Khan fight have broken down following a disagreement about the purse split, with promoter Eddie Hearn revealing that a 50-50 offer was rejected by the Bolton fighter.

Khan’s claims that Brook “walked away” from talks have been dismissed by the IBF welterweight champion, who is still prepared to take the fight.

Kell Brook and Amir Khan have been unable to agree terms for their domestic clash, says Eddie Hearn
“I’ve been quite vocal over many years that I want that fight. I don’t think I would just say I don’t want the fight and walk away,” Brook told Sky Sports.

“He’s trying to find anything to not have the fight and everybody knows that I want that fight.

Just to make the fight happen and get it across the line, I’m willing to bend on some of his demands.

“I’m willing to bend slightly, even though I’ve never lost as a welterweight. I’ve only lost to [Gennady] Golovkin on a broken eye socket.

“I think I’m the main player. I’m the A-side. He got knocked out in his last fight and I don’t know how he can kind of call the shots.

“Just to make the fight happen and get it across the line, I’m willing to bend on some of his demands. Even still, we’ve not crossed the line with it.”

Asked about Khan’s requests, Brook said: “Of course it’s extreme and not just the split.

“He also wants to have the fight in Bolton. He’s also arguing about who comes out first and second. There are many, many things – I could go on all day.

“Seventy-thirty? He wants to give the champion 30 per cent of the cut? He’s completely in cuckoo land, that kid.”

Brook will take time to consider alternative options, which could include a mandatory title defence against Errol Spence Jr, or a move up to light-middleweight.

“It’s so, so frustrating,” said the Sheffield man. “Everybody wants this fight so badly and I desperately want to give them this fight. We’ve come to a dead end at the minute.

“I’m going to get back in the gym now, I’m going to start dieting. I’m going to be listening to my body and see if I can get down to a certain weight, so many weeks before the fight when we’re making welterweight.

Kell Brook does want the Amir Khan fight and a debate would prove that, says Johnny Nelson
“I’m just going to see if we move to 154, or if we fight Spence. I’ll probably be able to let you know in the next two or three weeks where I think we will be going.”

kell brook

Decision on Kell Brook-Amir Khan fight expected in next few weeks, says Eddie Hearn

Promoter Eddie Hearn expects to make a decision on Kell Brook’s next opponent in a “couple of weeks” as talks continue over a British battle with Amir Khan in May.

Hearn held further negotiations with Khan’s team this week and has drawn up two possible dates of May 20 or May 27 for the long-awaited domestic clash against Brook.

A discussed fight with Manny Pacquiao is another option for IBF welterweight champion Brook, who also has to fulfil a mandatory defence against Errol Spence Jr, but Hearn remains hopeful that he can reach an agreement with Khan.

“Kell is going to box in May, and really who he boxes is going to be decided in the next couple of weeks,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“Myself and many of the team around him want to see him move to 154 pounds. I don’t think he’s the same fighter at 147 pounds, that he is at 154.

“He’s world champion at 147, he’s a fighter, he’s a very proud man and he doesn’t want to vacate. He doesn’t want to move and swerve fights.

“Amir Khan wants to fight him at 147 pounds. Good thinking, because that’s Amir Khan’s best chance to beat Kell Brook. Kell Brook will fight Amir Khan at 147 pounds.

“If he stays at welterweight, he’s also got the Errol Spence mandatory as well, great fight, but it’s not really as big as the likes of Khan and Pacquiao.

“So, discussions with Top Rank are ongoing, really it is just a case of where do we go? Do we go to 154? Do we go with Spence? Do we go with Khan?”

Khan has suggested that he would prefer to take a warm-up fight in April and has urged Brook to keep his IBF belt by defending against Spence Jr.

But Hearn believes neither fighter will be at a disadvantage by taking the fight next and has hinted that a rematch clause could also be offered to Khan.

“The Khan fight remains the No 1 priority, it has been for three years,” he said.

“We’ve had meetings with Khan’s team again two days ago in my office and more next week. He lost in his last fight, he got knocked out in his last fight by [Saul] Alvarez. We lost in our last fight against Gennady Golovkin.

“Kell’s coming back to make a weight that I think he shouldn’t be fighting at, recovering from a fractured eye socket.

“Now may be the great time to face Kell Brook, now may be the great time to fight Amir Khan; let’s just jump in and find out.

“We can do two fights if he needs the security, That’s a fight that has to happen, May 20, May 27.”

brook vs khan

Kell Brook could take advantage of ‘vulnerable’ Amir Khan, says old rival Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter has backed his former conqueror Kell Brook to prevail in a potential clash against Amir Khan, who has a “questionable chin” according to the American.

Brook became IBF welterweight champion two-and-a-half years ago by ending Porter’s unbeaten record in California, and now promoter Eddie Hearn has confirmed “positive” talks to pair him against Khan.

“At this point with Amir, depending upon who he’s in the ring with, he needs to be damn-near perfect for 12 rounds and that’s really hard to do,” Porter exclusively told Sky Sports.

“That means not getting hit at all. If he does get hit, he needs to be defensive. His chin is questionable now, and it’s not just due to who he’s been in the ring with.

“He’s susceptible to being knocked out. He’s a dangerous fighter because of his quickness and experience, but he’s vulnerable.

“If you pushed me to pick a winner, I’d probably pick Kell Brook because I think he’s stronger. I know he’s stronger. And he’s sharper.

“What I mean by that; we know Amir has great speed, unbelievable speed, especially with his height and range at the weight class. But two things he lacks – defence after his offence, and taking punches isn’t in his best interest.

“With that combination over the course of 12 rounds, Kell reigns victorious.”

Porter dropped a unanimous decision to Keith Thurman with the WBA welterweight gold up for grabs in his most recent fight, while his old adversary Brook bravely failed to get past the fifth round against middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin.

“I would love to face Kell again,” said Porter. “Watching it, I was upset and angry, questioning how I lost. ‘How could you not give me this victory?’

“But when you start to open your heart, your mind, your eyes – if I had taken a different approach to the fight mentally, and emotionally, the fight would have ended differently and I would have beaten Brook. I know I can make adjustments and win.”

brook vs khan

Khan vs Brook: Eddie Hearn hopes to have some ‘good news’ before end of January

Eddie Hearn is hoping the mega-fight between Kell Brook and Amir Khan will be confirmed before the end of January.

The Matchroom promoter admits talks are well underway, with Khan saying the fight “makes sense” for the British welterweight rivals.

Hearn is working closely with the Bolton star’s advisor Asif Vali and although he is refusing to look too far ahead, believes the deal could be done in a few weeks.

“There is still a way to go but it’s the obvious fight and talks are positive about finally making this a reality,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“We are working hard behind the scenes with Asif Vali to try and get the fight over the line and hope for some good news in middle to late January.”

Khan says he will go back down to welterweight – where Brook still holds the IBF world title – after both losing their last fights at middleweight.

Khan was knocked out in the sixth round against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, while the Special One was stopped in four by Gennady Golovkin.

The pair are both expected to have a warm-up fight first, with the all-British showdown at 147lbs likely to happen towards the end of 2017.

There is no update with the venue, with Khan and Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, both suggesting it needs to take place at Wembley Stadium.

kell brook

Kell Brook vs Errol Spence not impossible, admits Eddie Hearn

Kell Brook could step back down to welterweight to face Errol Spence but might not “reach the same performance levels”, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

The ‘Special One’ is still the reigning IBF world champion at 147lbs despite moving up two divisions to unsuccessfully challenge middleweight king Gennady Golovkin in September.

The governing body has informed Brook (36-1-KO25) and his team that if he wants to remain champion negotiations to face mandatory challenger Spence (21-0-KO18) must begin on October 26.

Brook said in the build-up to the Golovkin fight that he no longer considered himself a welterweight and while Hearn is concerned about his fighter stepping back down, he is not ruling out taking on the American known as ‘The Truth’.

“At the moment we are keeping all our options open,” he told Sky Sports.

Errol Spence Jr is Kell Brook’s mandatory challenger at 147lbs

“Kell can make 147 but I don’t think he can necessarily reach the same performance levels. The Spence fight is a big fight for us, especially at 75/25 so it’s definitely something to take seriously.”

Brook is still recovering from surgery following a broken eye socket sustained against Golovkin but trainer Dominic Ingle says the Sheffield star will be back in the ring “sooner rather than later” and wants a big-name on his return.

“The GGG fight has given Kell a number of high profile options but I think realistically his next opponent comes from Spence, Canelo, Cotto or Khan,” said Hearn.

Kell can make 147 but I don’t think he can necessarily reach the same performance levels. The Spence fight is a big fight for us, especially at 75/25 so it’s definitely something to take seriously.

IBF chairman Lindsey Tucker concedes Brook’s injury could yet delay a showdown with Spence but is sticking to the October 26 deadline, whatever the outcome.

“A couple of things could happen,” Tucker told The Ring Magazine. “He could say he’s giving up the title to move up in weight.

Brook says he could have gone blind if his corner had not thrown in the towel against Gennady Golovkin
“He could come up and say that he suffered from an eye injury and he needs some additional time, so we could give him a medical extension.

“But we won’t know unless they come to us and say ‘we’re giving up the title’ – we won’t know anything before then.”

kell brook

Kell Brook comes through gory operation – and is targeting Amir Khan, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto

Kell Brook is on the mend after an operation to fix his broken eye socket.

Trainer Dominic Ingle says the Sheffield world champion, stopped earlier this month by middleweight Gennady Golovkin, underwent surgery at the city’s Charles Clifford hospital and could resume limited training within the next week or so and be sparring in four months.

“He looked worse after the fight than he did after the operation” said Ingle. The procedure sounds an gory one: “The surgeon – who was called Mohammed-Ali believe it or not – went up through his gums, his front teeth, moved an eye to one side and then sorted out the fracture” he said. “Kell is good, though, and doesn’t want any delays before his next fight – he wants to be out again early in the New year, rather than later.” It won’t be clear whether Brook will campaign at welterweight, light middleweight or middleweight until a contract is drawn up with a suitable opponent. “After fighting Golovkin, Kell only wants to box seriously big names, like Amir Khan, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto. “Big fights and titles on the line, that’s what you need from this moment on.”

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