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Kell Brook vs Errol Spence not impossible, admits Eddie Hearn

Kell Brook could step back down to welterweight to face Errol Spence but might not “reach the same performance levels”, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

The ‘Special One’ is still the reigning IBF world champion at 147lbs despite moving up two divisions to unsuccessfully challenge middleweight king Gennady Golovkin in September.

The governing body has informed Brook (36-1-KO25) and his team that if he wants to remain champion negotiations to face mandatory challenger Spence (21-0-KO18) must begin on October 26.

Brook said in the build-up to the Golovkin fight that he no longer considered himself a welterweight and while Hearn is concerned about his fighter stepping back down, he is not ruling out taking on the American known as ‘The Truth’.

“At the moment we are keeping all our options open,” he told Sky Sports.

Errol Spence Jr is Kell Brook’s mandatory challenger at 147lbs

“Kell can make 147 but I don’t think he can necessarily reach the same performance levels. The Spence fight is a big fight for us, especially at 75/25 so it’s definitely something to take seriously.”

Brook is still recovering from surgery following a broken eye socket sustained against Golovkin but trainer Dominic Ingle says the Sheffield star will be back in the ring “sooner rather than later” and wants a big-name on his return.

“The GGG fight has given Kell a number of high profile options but I think realistically his next opponent comes from Spence, Canelo, Cotto or Khan,” said Hearn.

Kell can make 147 but I don’t think he can necessarily reach the same performance levels. The Spence fight is a big fight for us, especially at 75/25 so it’s definitely something to take seriously.

IBF chairman Lindsey Tucker concedes Brook’s injury could yet delay a showdown with Spence but is sticking to the October 26 deadline, whatever the outcome.

“A couple of things could happen,” Tucker told The Ring Magazine. “He could say he’s giving up the title to move up in weight.

Brook says he could have gone blind if his corner had not thrown in the towel against Gennady Golovkin
“He could come up and say that he suffered from an eye injury and he needs some additional time, so we could give him a medical extension.

“But we won’t know unless they come to us and say ‘we’re giving up the title’ – we won’t know anything before then.”

kell brook

Kell Brook comes through gory operation – and is targeting Amir Khan, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto

Kell Brook is on the mend after an operation to fix his broken eye socket.

Trainer Dominic Ingle says the Sheffield world champion, stopped earlier this month by middleweight Gennady Golovkin, underwent surgery at the city’s Charles Clifford hospital and could resume limited training within the next week or so and be sparring in four months.

“He looked worse after the fight than he did after the operation” said Ingle. The procedure sounds an gory one: “The surgeon – who was called Mohammed-Ali believe it or not – went up through his gums, his front teeth, moved an eye to one side and then sorted out the fracture” he said. “Kell is good, though, and doesn’t want any delays before his next fight – he wants to be out again early in the New year, rather than later.” It won’t be clear whether Brook will campaign at welterweight, light middleweight or middleweight until a contract is drawn up with a suitable opponent. “After fighting Golovkin, Kell only wants to box seriously big names, like Amir Khan, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto. “Big fights and titles on the line, that’s what you need from this moment on.”

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Kell Brook: Amir Khan won’t fight because he couldn’t live with himself if he lost to me

Kell Brook believes Amir Khan is avoiding their £12million showdown because he couldn’t live with himself if he lost.
Khan has been offered the lion’s share of the purse in a bid to coax him into a fight at Wembley on June 4.
But Brook, who referred to his rival as ‘the kid from Bolton’ throughout Monday’s press conference, is prepared to move on to other targets after talks stalled.

‘He’s got no respect for me, that’s what makes me want to punch him in the face even harder,’ he said.
‘I’m the champion of the world, never been beaten, so for him to dictate to us makes me laugh.
‘It’s been going on for many, many years but everyone wants to see that fight.
‘I want to be in massive fights and there’s nothing that would give me the buzz more than putting that kid from Bolton on his a***.

‘It would kill him, losing to me. When he was chasing [Manny] Pacquiao or [Floyd] Mayweather he half knew he would get beat but he could come back here and live with it.
‘I don’t think he could live with [losing to me] having slagged me off for so many years.
‘I’m looking forward to a massive fight this summer. If we can’t get the kid from Bolton then I’d like to do a unification with Danny Garcia, the guy who knocked the kid out.
‘If not, the Porter-Thurman winner or we can do the Pacquiao-Bradley winner or even get Mayweather to come out of retirement.’

Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn, meanwhile, admitted he is losing hope of making the fight this summer.
‘It appears to be further away than ever,’ he said. ‘I don’t feel we can do a lot more than we’ve done already.
‘Amir Khan is a fantastic fighter, he’s achieved so much. Already we’ve come to the table time and time again to give him the better part of the deal.

‘But we’ve been told we’re miles away from their perceived value so we have to say we’re miles away from having interest in making that fight.
‘Amir Khan does not want to lose to Kell Brook but you can’t force a man to fight.’
Brook will make the third defence of his IBF welterweight title against mandatory challenger Kevin Bizier in Sheffield on March 26.
‘We’re well ahead of schedule. I can’t wait to get back in and defend this world title in Sheffield,’ he added.
‘Bizier is coming to challenge for the world title. This is his chance, I know the feeling and he’s going to be bringing everything he’s got win this title.’

Kell Brook: ‘After chasing Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, losing to me would kill Amir Khan’

KELL BROOK has told Kevin Bizier he’s in for a rough night when he defends his IBF World Welterweight title at the Sheffield Arena on March 26, live on Sky Sports – before setting up a blockbuster fight in the summer.

Brook makes the third defence of his crown against the Canadian, after the IBF ordered his second mandatory battle since winning the crown in August 2014, with injury issues forcing him out of a voluntary defence against the dangerous Diego Chaves in October.

Brook met the media today (January 25) for the first time since a twitter storm broke out on Friday between himself, Khan and promoter Eddie Hearn, and while ‘The Special One’ reiterated his frustration at failing to land a clash with the Bolton fighter, he’s focus is on defending his crown in style before a huge fight in the summer against any of the division’s top dogs.

“Getting injured for the Diego Chaves fight was gutting, but that’s boxing,” said Brook. “I’ve been in training since November, all through Christmas and did an 80km bike ride on New Year’s Day – I’m well ahead of schedule and I can’t wait to be back in and boxing in Sheffield.

“Styles make fights, and Bizier is a come-forward fighter who is coming to take my belt; I know that feeling because I went to California to beat Porter. He’s going to bring everything he’s got to win the title, I’m going to go in there all guns blazing and get rid of this guy in style.

“If we can’t get the kid from Bolton [Amir Khan] then I’d like to get Danny Garcia in a unification, the Shawn Porter vs. Keith Thurman winner, the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley winner – I just want to have a massive fight in the summer.

“Khan has got no respect for me and that is what makes me want to punch his in the face even harder. For him to dictate terms to me, the champion, makes me laugh. I want that fight, every boxing fan in Britain and beyond wants the fight, even all the other fighters in the divisions want to watch us fight: it’s THE fight that is being talked about. Nothing would give me more pleasure than putting him on the floor.

“It would kill him losing to me, when he was chasing Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao he could live with losing to them, but he couldn’t lose to me and live with it after slagging me off for years.”

Brook headlines back in Sheffield for the first time since his maiden defence almost a year to the day on March 28 against Jo Jo Dan, and headlines a packed card where Luke Campbell MBE returns to action, and in the press conference today Hearn announced that Campbell would now be training in Miami with Jorge Rubio.

Adam Etches is straight back into title action on the card, Sheffield Heavyweights Dave Allen and Richard Towers clash in a British title eliminator and Andy Townend meets Craig Poxton for the English Super-Featherweight title.

Amir khan Kell brook

Amir Khan Kell Brook |Amir hiding in US, says Barry Hearn

Amir Khan Kell Brook

Amir Khan Kell Brook | Amir hiding in US, says Barry Hearn


Amir Khan has not yet committed to a fight with Kell Brook

Amir Khan Kell Brook is a massive fightAmir Khan has been avoiding Kell Brook by chasing unrealistic fights in America, says Matchroom Sport chairman Barry Hearn.

Khan has been frustrated in his pursuit of a big-name fight in the US, with Floyd Mayweather twice overlooking him as a possible opponent, while former gym-mate Manny Pacquiao is set to face Timothy Bradley in April.

Brook’s promoters Matchroom have only been able to hold tentative talks with Khan while he awaited Pacquiao’s decision, but Hearn insists the Filipino’s promoter Bob Arum told him that fight was never going to materialise.

I asked Arum ‘what percentage of a chance does Khan have of fighting Pacquiao?’ Arum sayid ‘less than one per cent’.

“I know Pacquiao well and Bob Arum is a friend of mine,” Matchroom founder Hearn said exclusively to Sky Sports.

“I asked Arum ‘what percentage of a chance does Khan have of fighting Pacquiao?’ Arum said ‘less than one per cent’. He had no chance.

“I’m very disappointed because Khan has been almost impossible. He doesn’t seem to want to fight anybody. [Being in America] is an excuse.

Barry Hearn claims he was told about Khan by promoter Bob Arum.

“I can make excuses too – I want to fight Deontay Wilder myself, right now. Am I going to get that fight? Extremely unlikely.

“What I’m saying is that you have to be realistic and live in the real world. He spent 18 months chasing Floyd Mayweather without one per cent chance of ever fighting Floyd Mayweather. Then he spent six months chasing Manny Pacquiao.”

Khan has been overlooked by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

Hearn is hopeful that Khan will seriously consider a lucrative clash against IBF welterweight champion Brook, with Wembley Stadium being considered as the venue on June 4.

But he has lingering doubts about whether the former light-welterweight world champion genuinely wants to share the ring with the unbeaten Sheffield man.

“I’m getting more optimistic because, one-by-one, all of Khan’s alternatives [are disappearing],” Hearn said.

“At the moment for Khan to fight someone in the States, unless it’s Bradley or a top fighter, he’s only going to get a million or a million-and-a-half dollars. For him to fight Brook he’ll make three or four times more so it comes down to risk and reward.

“He doesn’t want to fight Brook. He was gambling that he’d get a bigger payday but he’ll get a lot of money for fighting Brook – but he may get beaten, and I think he probably will.

“Eddie [Hearn, Matchroom promoter] is trying to talk to his people all the time, and he says he wants to fight. Do I believe him? Not really, no.”

Kell brook v Amir khan

Kell Brook v Amir Khan fight proposed for June 4 2016

Kell Brook v Amir Khan

Kell Brook v Amir Khan

KELL BROOK defending his IBF welterweight title against Amir Khan would be one of the biggest fights of 2016.

Eddie Hearn, Brook’s promoter, has pitched a date and venue to Khan’s team.“We’re talking, I’ve sent through the figures for a proposed bout June 4 at Wembley [stadium] for Kell Brook v Amir Khan and I think it will happen,” Hearn told Boxing News earlier.

“They know how much money is in the pot. Tell me what you want.”Amir Khan is on Top Rank’s shortlist to be the opponent for Manny Pacquiao’s final fight so the incentive for Amir Khan is to wait and see what direction Pacquiao chooses to go in. Kell Brook’s bout with Diego Chaves, scheduled for October 24, was cancelled and is now on hold indefinitely. He has to meet his mandatory challenger, Kevin Bizier, whom he could fight in February. “Kell Brook’s got to fight Kevin Bizier,” Hearn said. “That’s what they [the IBF] have ordered. We don’t want to lose the title. We’ll do everything we can to keep hold of the world title.”